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For the business owner and entrepreneur, business finances and building financial futures includes both sides of one coin.

We work with businesses owners to identify little-known solutions to improve cash flow, reduce expenses and taxes that threaten profits, and increase return on investment to its owners and do so sustainably and consistently.

These are paramount to the measure of health, preservation, and value of the business-and affect the owner's bottom lines as well.

The health and succession of a business financially usually follows and affects the personal financials of the owner either positively or negatively. More than just an investment portfolio and maybe some insurance, Financial Planning for the entrepreneur must factor in business growth and manage both preservation and succession with equal focus.

The EYE Method

“EYE” Cash Flow Opportunities and Reducing Expenses

to help America’s Businesses Grow


Evaluate & Explore

Explore your specific organizations potential programs & estimate available benefits


Your Opportunities

Working with you and your advisors to gain data, analyze, and develop a plan for deadlines and best utilization strategies.


Empower Your Money

Deliver technical and financial computations to enable your business to receive benefits

Business Solutions and Financial Planning - A Unified Approach to Return on Investment

Through our EYE Method and an experienced national team of industry experts, we serve you at the highest level to ensure you get access to the latest strategic planning options in business planning solutions and financial planning to best fit your needs. On average, for a small to mid-size company, we are able to identify over $200k in benefits back to their business or the owner directly.

We work with you and your team of advisors (CPA, Attorney, et al) to discover what services and incentives are right for your business and can estimate what financial benefits and cost savings each can yield.

We offer your business a fully integrated specific solution or unified, comprehensive plan to today’s challenges of increasing cash flow and reducing expenses and taxes for your specified industry, circumstance, and goals.

Using our proprietary software combined with our 11-point analysis we can augment and identify the broadest range of federal, state, and local tax credits and incentives including but not limited to:

Specialized Tax Incentives

  • Hiring Incentive
  • Property Tax Recovery
  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Energy Tax Incentives
  • Manufacturing Tax Credit Studies
  • Expense Reduction Strategies
  • Cost Remediation Strategies
  • Overcharges and billing errors in key expenses as Credit Card Merchant Processing, Parcel Shipping, Waste and Recycling, Workers Compensation Premiums, and other benefits.

Financial Services

  • Corporate Financing Options
  • Specialized Retirement Programs (SRP, Front-loaded retirement plans)
  • Business Financial Planning (Buy/Sell, Split Dollar, Key Employee, etc.)
  • Retirement programs (ESP, Full and Solo 401k, Simple, etc.)
  • Retirement Programs Audits
  • Business Estate and Succession Planning
  • Exit Planning Strategies
  • 1031/1033 Tax Deferred Exchanges

With a fresh set of "EYE"s, we bring access, know-how, and experience to growing your bottom line. Discover how much you can claim. Contact us today!

Proprietary Personalized Retirement Program

When building wealth, many business owners build and invest in their business. Yet Providing for a personal retirement is also paramount.

This is why the Proprietary Stryde Retirement Program, supported by Stryde, creates a favorable blend of inclusive planning for businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs, and athletes to integrate an individualized, personalized, and proprietary retirement programs.

This powerful strategy uses a front-loaded approach to retirement that provides business owner to jump-start their retirement at most any stage to drastically advance their wealth goals in a highly tax-advantaged process.

Through individualized strategic steps, a business owner can create a plan that is tax-deductible and yet still allows for tax-free growth and tax-free access culminating in tax-free distributions elevating retirement income as a whole. The result is a much higher next egg than otherwise would be possible.

This process not only grows wealth but has the ability to manage and protect in the following areas:

  • Business Exit Planning: The process can be utilized by both buyer and seller and thus makes for a more lucrative benefit for each and more valuable company for sale.
  • Wealth Transfer: A system for elevating the growth of wealth, it creates opportunities for a more highly elevated and guaranteed wealth transfer to your heirs, charity, school, or foundation in a powerful yet cost-effective manner.
  • Estate Plan: The most cost-effective and simplistic form of estate planning utilizing the benefits of your business. ILIT is compatible as well.
  • Key-Man & Buy/Sell: Wealth accumulation solution and protection wrapped in one process to solve the dilemmas of ownership transfer and business growth and continuation.
  • Qualified Plan Rescue: A net-zero possibility to offset taxable distribution from qualified plans with the tax-free distributions and also offer the much needed relief of being able to invest enough to bring about needed funds to replace incomes in retirement.

Comprehensive Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning is a collaborative effort that covers multiple areas of your finances. Our planning process will investigate your retirement as a whole financially, transitionally, personally and lifestyle. Areas we include but are not limited to:

  • Tax Planning Strategies that help to limit taxation throughout all of retirement

  • Medicare and Retiree Healthcare to protect portfolios and preserve wealth

  • Coordination and Timing of Qualified IRA/Simple/401k/SoloK distributions

  • Wealth Transfer & Estate Planning to provide for family, charity and succession

  • Exit Strategy and Business Succession Planning

  • Maximizing Retirement Income & Social Security Maximization

  • Estimating Retirement Needs & Specially Planned Expenditures

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